Grains, Pulse Processing plants & machines

Grains, Pulse Processing plants & machines
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We design, fabricate and offer an extensive array of grains, pulse processing plants and machines that is made using high quality raw materials and precision made parts. Widely applicable in the food industry, these machines are known for their efficiency and cost effective rates. These grains, pulse processing plants and machines are available have sturdy and compact design.
Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Techno can produce it with unequalled cost effectiveness.

Emery scourers (Husk Remover)

Emery scourers (Husk Remover)
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A Emery Scourer (emery roller) machine is used to obtain cracking and scratching of clean pulses passing through it. For loosening the husk to facilitate the subsequent oil penetration this is required. Gradually the clearance between the emery roller and cage (housing) is narrowed from inlet to outlet. Cracking and scratching of husk takes place mainly by friction between pulses and emery as the material is passed through the narrowing clearance. During the operation some of the pulses are de husked and split which are separated by sieving.

Constructions of Emery scourers (Husk Remover)

Emery Roller is used for De husking the pulses, wheat, grains, corn, maize, rice and many more is consist heavy duty fabricated Cover & Structure. Roller is rotating with a Emery Roller with lower RPM. Both end of shaft is fixed with Baring & Bearing hosing to reduce the rotating futons of the shaft and get with higher affectingly. The complete unit is mounted on heavy duty C Section Channel.

Key Features of Emery scourers (Husk Remover)

  • Unique and Reliable Design
    • The Emery Scourer are highly effective as well as non stop continuous De Husking process.
  • Easier operation & Less Maintenance Cost.
  • Retains proteins and natural shine.
  • Compact size
  • Continuous production per shift and faster return on investment.
  • Compact design, Occupies very little space.
  • A minimized power consummation by the way of friction loses. Low noise operation, No wastage of product and no pollution hazard.
  • Very easy operations, Requires No Skilled Labor

Operation of Emery scourers (Husk Remover)

Techno is offering Emery Scourer ( Emery Roller Machine). This machine is simple in construction and easy to operate & maintain. It consist of horizontal Emery Roller is covered with, surrounded by a screen. Pulses, rice, wheat, maize, are passes via feeding hopper between screen & Emery roll. Because of lower RPM of machine grains, pulses etc... were giving De husked.

Application of Emery scourers (Husk Remover)

Used to remove the impurities adhering to the wheat surface. This machine is also used after the second dampening to remove the husk which has loosened after the first or second conditioning of the wheat. gram, green whole lentil, red whole lentil, toor dal whole beans, green gram, Moong Black gram, urad. The specialty of our machine is that it takes less powder and give maximum production.

Available Model of Emery roller ( Husk Remover )

In Side Fitted Roll Size Shaft Machine RPM Capacity per hrs kilograms Electric Motor Required Over All M/C Size L x W x H (MM)
TECHNO-HR-1 228 mm diameter x 685 mm length 40 mm 1000 400-600 5 HP (3.7 kW) or 7.5 H.P. ( 5.5 Kw) 1625 x 480 x 500
TECHNO-HR-2 254 mm diameter x 760 mm length 51 mm 1000 500-800 7.5 HP (5.5 kW) or 10 HP (7.5 Kw) 1680 x 500 x 500
TECHNO-HR-3 304 mm diameter x 760 mm length 51 mm 1000 800-1200 10 HP (7.5 Kw) or 15 HP (11 kW) 1680 x 520 x 520
TECHNO-HR-4 355 mm diameter x 840 mm length 51 mm 950 2000-2500 15 HP (11 kW) or 20 H.P (15 kW) 1830 x 600 x 600

Standard accessories of Emery scourers (Husk Remover)

  • Motor Pulley.
  • Adjustable Rail For Fixing Motor.

Extra Accessories Of Emery scourers (Husk Remover)

  • Suitable totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or Single Phase Sq. cage motor as per IS: 325 or 996.
  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker as per IS: 8828 with 3 meter cable & 3 pin top as per IS: 1293 for single Phase Electric Motors.
  • starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for Single Phase Electric Motor.
  • foundation bolts
  • V Belts
  • Magnetic Hopper

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Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The Figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.
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