Noodle Processing machines

Noodle processing machines
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Our products are built to last. In fact, some of our equipment in use today is well over 20 years old. Today, We design and manufacture numerous types of processing equipment including: mixers & blenders, Mills, Food processing plants and machinery, size reducers & accessories for a wide variety of products and processing industries.
Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Techno can produce it with unequalled cost effectiveness.

Noodle Flour Mixer

Noodle Flour Mixer
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Mixing formula ingredients is often carried out in a horizontal flour mixer for 10-15 minutes. Since the horizontal mixer seems to have better mixing results in commercial noodle production. Mixing results in the formation of a crumbly dough with small and uniform particle sizes. Since the water addition level is relatively low (vs. bread doughs), gluten development in noodle dough during mixing is minimized. This improves the dough sheetability, sheeted dough smoothness and uniformity. Limited water absorption also slows down noodle discoloration and reduces the amount of water to be taken out during the final drying or frying processes
Horizontal Noodle Dough Mixer are specially designed to scoop, lift and tumble materials in a gentle, but thorough mixing action. While being mixed, the material travels in a three dimensional "figure 8" pattern. the material is constantly being pulled from the ends of the mixer to the middle of the "figure 8" where the most aggressive mixing is taking place. This unique paddle design is ideal for mixing wheat flourand Salt Water or Alkaline Salt Water of various particle size, density and viscosity. Horizontal Noodle Dough Mixer work effectively when filled to as little as 20% of rated capacity, thus allowing flexibility of batch sizes. Horizontal Noodle Dough Mixer allow easier access for cleaning between batches.

Features of Horizontal Noodle Dough Mixer

The paddles are positioned to move the material in opposing lateral directions as well as radially. The paddle design is generally employed where friable materials are being blended.
Horizontal Noodle Dough Mixer consists of several elements: a centrally mounted horizontal shaft that rotates within a cylindrical container, paddles, ploughs or other shaped mixing elements that are attached to the centrally mounted shaft, special openings at the top for feeding materials, manually tiltable tank operated, inside a cylindrical conduit and a complete drive unit.

Constriction of Horizontal Noodle Dough Mixer

Body The main body is made of heavy duty Stainless Steel / Mild Steel Sheet, with Top sliding type cover for easy opening and cleaning or for inspection. Every portion in the machine, which meets the International Standard.
Arms Thick mild steel / Stainless steel machined paddles mounted on main shaft.
Bearings Best Deep Groove Ball Bering in cast iron housing with suitable Grease Cups for lubrication.
Gears Cast iron hob cut spur gear for long life.
Lubrication A bearing are provide with Grease Cup for Lubrication thus its give long life of bearings and reduce fiction losses.

Available models of Paddle mixers

Model no. Required H.P. Capacity Per Batch
Techno-1015 2 10 to 15 Kg.
Techno-1016 3 or 5 30 to 35 Kg.
Techno-10175 or 7.540 to 50 Kg.
Techno-10187.5 or 1050 to 65 Kg

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Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The Figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.
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