Noodle Processing machines

Noodle processing machines
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The noodles making machines from our line-up, have been selling at highly reasonable prices. We make use of the best in terms of research and development efforts that go a long way towards insuring industry grade perfection. Our noodles making machines can operate over night and deliver a lot in terms of output quantity over long periods.
Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Techno can produce it with unequalled cost effectiveness.

Noodle Making Machines

Noodle Making Machines
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The basic processing steps for machine-made noodles are outlined in Figure 1. These steps involve mixing raw materials, resting the crumbly dough, sheeting the dough into two dough sheets, compounding the two sheets into one, gradually sheeting the dough sheet into a specified thickness and slitting into noodle strands. Noodle strands are further processed according to noodle types.
We design & developed of Noodles Making Machines that is best suited for mass-production. Used for making raw noodles, our range is not only easy to install but also engineered with perfection and attention to extract uniform size of noodles. Further, our range of noodle processing machines are widely renowned for its sturdy construction and operational fluency. We provide fourcategories Noodles processing Machines
We recognized as the one-stop solution for your plants & machinery, we stand strongly behind every product supplied and distributed by us.

Noodle making process


Sheeting and compounding

Sheeting, slitting and waving

Steaming Noodles

Drying noodles

Length sizing of dry noodles


Process of Noodle Making Machines

The rested, crumbly dough pieces are divided into two portions, each passing through a pair of sheeting rolls to form a noodle dough sheet. The two sheets are then combined (compounded) and passed through a second time set of sheeting rolls to form a single sheet. The roll gap is adjusted so that the dough thickness reduction is between 20-40%.

Sheeting, Slitting and Waving

Further dough sheeting is done by 4-6 times at pairs of rolls with decreasing roll gaps. At this stage, roll diameter, sheeting speed and reduction ratio should be considered to obtain an optimum dough reduction.


Once the dough sheet is reduced to the desired thickness, the sheet is then cut into noodle strands along the direction of sheeting. The width and shape of the noodle strands are determined by the cutting rolls. The cutting device consists of a pair of slotted rolls with identical slot widths. The slots on each roll are offset from one other to allow cutting to occur. The two cutting rolls are aligned horizontally, with the rear one turning clockwise and the front one counter-clockwise at the same speed. Cutting force is generated between the neighboring two sharp edges of the slots of the two cutting rolls. There is a comb underneath each cutting roll to prevent the noodle strands from sticking to the rolls. The shape of the cross-section of the noodle strands depends on the groove of the slot, the width of the slot and the thickness of the dough sheet. The popular shapes are rectangular, square. Noodle strands are finally cut into proper lengths by a length-cutter.

Construction of Noodle Making Machine

Body heavy duty cast iron body designed for easy to move , Clean & for inspection
Gears Alloy Steel / Cast iron spur Gears
Rollers Mild steel Chrome plated Rollers ( Stainless steel 304 optional)
Base Mild steel Fabricated Heavy duty base
Trays Two numbers stainless steel trays supplied with noodle making machine
die Fully machined brass splitting die.

Key Features of Noodle Making Machine

  • Noodle making machine is fitted with heavy duty mild steel fabricated structure
  • Easy to operate, saving time and labor
    • Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The thickness of noodles adjustable.
  • Advanced Design and Sanitary
    • Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain
  • Special alloy steel / cast iron gears minimize both friction and noise providing quiet operation.
  • Uniform Products, Reasonable Price, Small Size, Easy Maintenance
  • Continuous product length: End Numbers
  • Unique and Reliable Design
    • The noodle Making Machinery are highly effective as well as non stop continuous noodle Making process

Standard accessories of noodle Making Machinery

  • Motor Pulley
  • Adjustable Rail For Fixing the motors.
  • one number brass die.

Extra Accessories Of Noodle Making Machinery

  • Noodle Flour Mixer
  • Noodle Steaming Machines or Noodle economic steamer
  • Noodle Drying Machine
  • Extra die.
  • 2 H.P. ( 1.5 Kw.) 4 Pole totally enclosed fan cooled three phase or Single Phase Sq. cage motor as per IS: 325 or 996 {Electricity (Special power can be accommodated): 110/220/380/415 Volts, 50/60 Hz , 1/3 Phase }.
  • starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for Three Phase Electric Motor.
  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker as per IS: 8828 with 3 meter cable & 3 pin top as per IS: 1293 for single Phase Electric Motors.
  • V belts

Technical details of Noodle Making Machines

Model No Techno-NMM-250 Techno-NMM-300
Roll Width 250 mm 300 mm
Required Motor 2 HP ( 1.5 Kw) 3 HP ( 2.25 Kw)
Production Capacity 50 to 60 kg/hr 90 to 100 Kilograms Per Hour

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Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The Figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.
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