Papad Processing machines

Papad processing machines
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We offer widest range of Papad and Puri making machines of advance technology and premium quality at reasonable rates.
  • Flour Kneader with extruder
  • Semi Auto Papad making Machine
  • Fully Auto Papad making machine Machine
  • Papad Dryer Machine (Electric)
  • Papad Dryer Machine (Diesel)
  • Fully Auto Papad Machine (LPG)
  • Puddy (Puri) Maker
  • Dies Rings

Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Techno can produce it with unequalled cost effectiveness.

Automatic Papad Making machines

Automatic Papad Making machines
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Techno offers large collection of quality papad, Mathiya, cholafali making machine that is accurately designed as per the expectation of clients. Our professionals make use of modern technology to ensure durable finish standards, robust structure.
This Automatic Papad making machine for making of Papad, mathiya, cholafali being a automatic plant, would involve processes right from the mixing of ingredients to collection of ready-to-deliver Papad at the collection end.
Mixing ingredient is done in a separate mixer. The dough just needed to be loaded in hopper which passes on to the sheeter and gauge roller where thickness of the papad or applum can be adjusted. The food grade conveyor carries the round cut papad into the dryer which is heated by electric, diesel, or LPG.
At the outlet of the dryer you get papads without any scrap or wastage.
Innovation and quality are the abiding values on which our company operates. We have initiated new standards that contribute in the growth of our organization. Moreover, we aim to provide complete satisfaction to customers by the way of our quality products excellent maintenance services.

Key advantage of Automatic Papad Making Machine

  • Unique and reliable design
    • The Automatic papad making machines are highly effective as well as nonstop continuous process.
    • Easier operation & less maintenance cost.
  • Continuous production per shift and faster return on investment.
  • Compact design, occupies very little space.
  • A minimized power consummation by the way of friction loses. Low noise operation, no wastage of product and no pollution hazard.
  • Very easy operations, requires no skilled labor.

Process of Papad Making Machine

Dough Mixer (Flour Kneading Machine) with extruder

Dough Mixer with extruder
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Papad can be manufactured from different varieties of pulses or there could be a combination of pulses as well. Adequate quantity of water is added in flour of pulses, common salt, spices and sodium bicarbonate and homogeneous mixing is done to obtain dough. This machine would consist of heavy-duty stainless steel body with multi-purpose arms.
These Flour Kneading Machine designed to scoop, lift and tumble materials in a gentle, but thorough mixing action. While being mixed, the material travels in a three dimensional "figure 8" pattern. The material is constantly being pulled from the ends of the mixer to the middle of the "figure 8" where the most aggressive mixing is taking place.
This dough is passing through extruder. Extrusion is defined as a process in which material is pushed through an orifice or hole of given "U" shape. The pushing force is applied by using a screw encased in a stainless steel barrel, attached to a drive motor. A hopper at top of the screw to feed the dough.

Dough sheeter for Papad Making Machine

Dough sheeter for Papad Making Machine
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A sheeter consisting of a heavy- duty frame with gaugeable rollers driven by a motor with gearbox arrangement would be providing. The hopper would be of Stainless steel with proper taper. The dough is smooth formed from the hopper in the form of a sheet and feed to the gaugeable rollers. The distance between the gaugeable rollers would be adjustable and this would depend on the desired thickness of the Papad, mathiya, cholafali. The rollers would be PVC coated (food-grade material). There would be an intermediate conveyor to feed the dough sheet to the cutting plant. The conveyor belt would be of food-grade material.

ROTARY CUTTING UNIT of Papad Making Machine

A rotary cutting unit would be fits on a roller for smooth and accurate cutting of papad as per the desired sizes.

Continuous Dryer of Papad machine

Continuous Dryer of Papad machine
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An electric or LPG or CNG or Diesel drier would be use to dry the Papad. The Dryer casing would be reinforcing by means of M. S. sections to make it sturdy. Digital temperature meters would be provide at different places in the oven. Above 15 to 16 Kg/hour pant, we will supply laminator type along with the sheeter and extruder process will be omits. Drier can also supply with diesel fired or liquefied petroleum gas instead of electric fired system for reducing daring cost.

Application of papad making machine

This machine can produce papad, disco papad, Mathiya or Mathia, Chorafli, applaum etc...
Plant Types Mini Papad Machine Economic papad Machines Heavy Duty papapad machine
sheeting roll size 12 Inch 16 inch 18 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 27 Inch width
Production Capacity 5 to 7 Kg Per Hour 15 to 16 kg/hr. 40-150 kg per hour (Standard Production)
total Power Load for sheeter, & rotary cutting unit 1.5 H.P. 2 H.p. 2H.P. to 15 H.P.
Labors Requirement 5 3 3
Dryer Not Applicable For Drying Papad with single Heat Exchanger For Drying Papad with Single and Double Heat Exchanger(Export Quality)
Dryer Type Not Applicable 6 layer hot drying 12 layer Dying type
6 layer Hot Drying
6 layer cold Drying
drying System Not Applicable Electric Diesel, Electric, Gas Firing System
Power Load for Dryer Not Applicable 7.5 Kw. 4.5 H.P. (Max. depends on production capacity per hour)
Diesel Consumption Not Applicable Not Applicable 3-6 liter. Per Hours (depends on production capacity per hour)
Total Space Requirement for Automatic Papad Plant 6 feet X 1.5 feet X 6 feet 18 Foot X 2 Feet X 7 Feet 75 Feet length x 20 to 31 (Inch)Width X 10 to 12 Feet Height

Standard accessories of papad making machine

  • Dough Kneader
  • Sheeter
  • Rotary Cutting Units
  • Dryer ( Please note that 5 to 7 Kg. per hour plant can not supply with dryer. & 15 to 16 kg. per hour plant cannot supply with diesel fired or liquefied petroleum gas instead of electric fired ).

Extra accessories of papad Making Machine

  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker with 3 meter cable & 3 pin top for single Phase Electric Motors.
  • Starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for Single Phase Electric Motor.
  • Extra die Rolls.

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Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The Figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.
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