Potato Chips Making Machinery

Potato Chips Making Machinery
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We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of fries maker, French fries maker, French fries making machine offering the highest quality level to match with the imported process equipment, we always see to it that the cost of our equipment is affordable to the small budget buyers.
We offer complete turnkey base potato French fries production line.
Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Techno can produce it with unequalled cost effectiveness.

Manual Potato Chips Making Machine

Manual Potato Chips Making Machine
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The easy French fry cutter is fast! The revolutionary new handle and linkage design gives you better leverage than other machines and its less work! There's no awkward reaching or hand re-positioning, the easy French fry cutter works with natural body movement. One smooth motion does the job! Less work results in less fatigue and faster production. The easy French fry cutter is built to last.
French fries are made, not born! You can get all the fresh flavor of homemade fries, as opposed to those freezers burned specimens that come from a plastic bag, by making them at home. This specialty gadget cuts those spuds into neat even sticks, season as you wish and fry (or bake).
This is an excellent cutter that comes with several different size blade fittings (for thinner or thicker fries). It puts together very easily, and can be easily taken apart and popped into the dishwasher.
Enjoy restaurant-quality French fries without all the slicing and dicing. This simple-to-operate manual cutter features a stainless steel trough, sturdy frame and pusher block and a cast-iron handle will cut potatoes up to 6" long. French fries making machine can be counter top-mounted or vertically mounted on a wall. French fries making machine are capable of producing up to 20 kilograms of fries per hour. If smaller fries are desired, order the optional 1/4" cutting plate. For portable use, get the optional rubber feet and use the cutter on any table or countertop.

Features of potato French fries making machines

  • Potato cutters have a heavy duty cast body
  • Rust proof stainless steel rails and blades on all fry cutters
  • Wall or table mount fry cutters
  • Interchangeable parts with techno
  • Cut up to 20 kilograms of potatoes per hour

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Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The Figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.
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