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Vibro screens are one of the most versatile, reliable and economical continuous process equipment for carrying out various size based separation like screening, sifting, classification, grading, oversize or undersizes removal, de-dusting, de-watering, de-lumping, fiber recovery, filtration, pre-filtration and scalping.
Vibro screens are vibratory or gyratory sieving machine designed on the principle of gyratory motion generated by vibratory motor. The machine performs any size based separation with the use of wire mesh or perforated sheet and can work for various application of solid separation or solid liquid separation or slurry separation.
Vibro screens are mostly known as “vibroscreen” or “gyro screen” but also sometimes known by the names screening machine, screener, vibrator, sifter, grader, classifier, separator, sorter or filter.

Whether your application is small, large, straightforward or problematic, Techno can produce it with unequalled cost effectiveness.

Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Vibro Screen
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Vibro Screens are designed to perform effective size based separation in coarse as well as fine sizes. Vibro Screens use wire mesh or perforated or slotted sheets for carrying out separation of material on basis of size. Vibro Screens are designed on the principle of Gyratory Motion and are one of the most versatile and universally adaptable machines working across spectrum of industries.
Vibro Screens can carry out various duties including screening of any powder or granules, sifting and grading or classification, removal of oversize/ foreign material before packing your finished product, lump/ undersizes/ chips/ dust removal from powder/ granules, solid liquid separation/ filtration/ grit (ungrounded Material) removal from slurry, syrup or oils, fiber / husk recovery from liquid stream.
Vibro Screens are used by Industries like Agro, Agro Processing, Ceramic, Chemical, China Clay, Dehydrated Food, Dyes and Pigments, Ferro Alloys, Foundry, Engineering, Food, Mines and Mineral, Metal Powder Processing, Plastic, PVC, Petrochemical, Paper, Roto Molding and many more.
Vibro Screens are very versatile process equipment and provide reliable and economical solutions for spectrum of size based separation operations performed in most of the industry sector / applications due to its flexibility and distinctive advantages. Vibro Screens are your best bet for performing the operation of Classification, Grading, Oversize/undersizes Removal, De-dusting, De-watering, De-lumping, Fiber Recovery, Fiber Separation, Continuous Filtration or any type of size based separation.

Construction and Function of Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Vibro Screens are designed on the principle of gyratory motion generated by double eccentric weight mounted on two ends of the shaft of vertically mounted specially designed vibratory motor. The screening assembly consisting of one or more set of Deck/screens is mounted on a set of annularly located springs, effectively isolating the base from vibrating assembly.
The double weight moving with the shafts and located at relative angular position produces three dimensional vibrations which in turn cause the material falling on the screen mesh move at a specific speed in straight to spiral direction giving controlled and effective screening.
Due to the adjust-ability of weight and the relative angle between them it is possible to make the material move on the screen in desired path to achieve the desired retention time for effective screening before the material gets discharged from the outlet spout. During this process the particles smaller than the mesh aperture fall through the mesh and the oversize material gets discharged from the outlet spout. This process is repeated on the next mesh in case of multi deck screening.

Main Feature of Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

  • No Screen choking / blinding
  • Automatically continuous discharge
  • Dust free operations
  • Low power consumption & Maintenance
  • Easy to operate, saving time and labor
    • Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The mesh are adjustable.
  • Advanced Design and Sanitary
    • Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain
  • Wide Variety of Products
    • Various screens are easy-to-change and can be used to separate the mesh
  • Easy to operate and clean
    • Warm are completely removable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Unique and Reliable Design
    • The Vibro Screening machine are highly effective as well as non stop continuous mesh separating process.
  • Easy to operate, saving time and labor
    • Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The vibration of machine are adjustable.
  • Advanced Design and Sanitary
    • Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain
  • Uniform Products, Reasonable Price, Small Size, Easy Maintenance
  • Robust Construction
  • Low Specific Power Consumption
  • Durable Long Life

Technical Details Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Adjustment of top & bottom weights in accordance with the following diagrams
{Example of screen patterns for average materials}
0 lead average material will be through straight
30° Lead average material will being to spiral
60° Lead average material will give maximum screening pattern
90° Lead oversize material does not discharge
0° Lead average material will be through straight 30° Lead average material will being to spiral 60° Lead average material will give maximum screening pattern 90° Lead oversize material does not discharge

Available Models of Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Model Machine Dia. mm Machine Dia. Inch Motor HP Height Basic Machine
(Single Deck, No Cover) MM
Techno 550 560 24 0.5 650
Techno 600 660 28 0.5 850
Techno 800 860 34 0.5 850
Techno 1000 990 39 1.0 850
Techno 1200 1200 48 1.5 1000
Techno 1500 1500 60 2.0 1100
Techno 1800 1800 72 3.0 1100

Application of Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

The Techno Vibro screens are use for a wide range of application e.g. food industries, dehydrated food, spices, flour, ago industries, guar gum, isabgul, Seeds, wheat, sesame, whole spices, nuts castor, soya, Ceramics industries, zircon, glazed tiles, china clay, Paper industries, paper, paper board, duplex, oil industries, castor, ground nut, soya, oilseeds, plastics industries, rotor molding, reprocessed granule, pvc resin, pvc cable, Pint industries, Pigments, emulsions, aluminum paste, varnish, solvents, etc., Chemicals industries, dyes, intermediates, paints, pigments, pesticides, Pharmaceutical industries shifting, tablet de dusting, granule grading, metal industries, Ferro alloys, C. I Powder, foundries, and many more...

Standard accessories of Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

  • Per deck one screen.
  • Suitable electric motor.
  • 3 meter cable & 3 pin top as per IS: 1293
  • Suitable vibrating electric motor

Dust Cover For Vibro Screen (gyro screen):

This accessory is must for dust free screening. It is conical cover with an inlet hole in center for feeding material and as inspection window to see the screening process on the mesh. Dust cover is clamped on the topmost deck with the help of "V" grooved and 'C' clamp and can be removed easily if not required.
Dust Cover for Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Extra accessories of Vibro Screen

  • Extra Screens
  • starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor for Three Phase Electric Motor.
  • Suitable miniature circuit breaker as per IS: 8828 with 3 pin top as per IS: 1293 for single Phase Electric Motors.

Anti Vibration Mounts

Isolates the machine vibrations of machine from the ground. It also helps in accurate leveling of the machine.
Lift the machine from the floor and install on DISC MOUNT, Screw down the bolts into their respective guides . By tightening bolt Leveling guide will rise from ground level along with machine.Thus you Level the machine. After leveling the machine, start the machine. Machine will generate shock / vibrations, this vibration will pass to the rubber of disc mount, and rubber will absorbs shock / vibration without transmitting them to the floor.

anti Vibrating Mounts for Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Feeder Hopper with Vibro Screen (gyro screen):

This device helps you to ensure continuous and steady feed to the machine. Very useful where feed material is to be manually dumped from bags.
Vibro Screen (gyro screen) with Feeder Hopper

Mesh Fixing Fixture For Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

A useful accessory incase where mesh is to be tied frequently due to high wear and tear from abrasive or heavy nature of material. It is still advisable to keep a spare screen ring if the mesh change over is to be done fast.
Mesh Fixing Fixture for Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Ball Tray / Ring Tray for Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

This is useful to achieve non clog screening. A tray having rubber /PP balls or rubber / plastic rings is mounted underneath the fine mesh screen. The ball / ring get continuous vibrations from machine and hence they jump and hit the fine mesh from below. This makes particles trapped in the mesh holes to fall down and thereby keep mesh opening as clear as possible.
Ball Tray / Ring Tray for Vibro Screen (gyro screen)

Section View of Vibro Screen(Gyro Screen)

Cross Section View of Vibro Screen

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Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the rights to alter and/or amend dimensions/design without prior notice.
The Figure for capacities given are for guideline only may very force case to case and depending many factors.
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